Royal Audio Productions offers many services including, Social Media Management, Video Editing, Video Production, and Social Media Artist Campaigns. We have hand picked the best engineers, professional studio musicians, seasoned producers and social media managers. We specialize in the recording and mix process as well as what it takes to launch your project in todays social media market. Based on your needs as a client we can take your project wherever it needs to go to find that perfect sound, hook or media campaign needed to reach or create your fan base. We are an in house studio musical management system, from your first recorded track, to a full-scale online marketing plan.

Social Media Management Strategies

Management of, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
Promotion and Content Creation
Social Media Campaign Development
Development and Education of a Strategic Online Marketing Plan for Client

We help businesses and artists grow using social media. We help them reach relevant customers and fans, build consumer loyalty, manage reputation while increasing revenue and fan support. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Video & Photography

Music Videos
Video Editing
Color Correction
Music Video Production

Our professional videographers will transform your ideas and message into a stunning, creative expression. Often times utilized with our Social Media Management Services, we integrate your goals and your image eloquently.

Music Production

Music Production

Vocal Tracking
Vocal Coaching
Guitar Tracking
Beat Production

Audio Post

Voice over & ADR recording
Sound Design
Stem Mixing
Re-recording (Stereo & Surround)

Live Sound

Our engineers are well versed in many aspects of the audio industry. Live sound being a very important aspect. Let our Live sound engineers give you the reinforcement and mix you need for your gig’s.

Royal Audio Productions also offers a live sound reinforcement package for ranging from small to large clubs, parties and promotional events.